Cyber Security: Keeping Your Business And Your Data Secure

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Cyber hacks are becoming more common for large and small businesses. This article explores why it’s important to protect your company from online threats.

According to Microsoft research, 70% of large companies in Ireland have experienced issues with cyber attacks including hacking, phishing and cyber-fraud. Studies also suggest that 76% of senior management are concerned about digital threats.

Smaller businesses are exposed to risk here too. In 2019, more than half of all companies operating in the UK reported an attempted cyber attack. This was an increase of 15% from the previous year.

To avoid a disaster scenario businesses need to stop thinking about cyber security as optional and start viewing it as a necessity.

The Cost Of A Cyber-Attack

The average mean cost of a cyber-attack for small business is estimated to be £11,000. Severe attacks can also cause significant levels of downtime for any business, causing a loss of sales and a reduction in audience demand.

A cyber-attack will also cause irreparable damage to a business reputation. When Target experienced a data breach, the perception of the business dropped by more than 54% the following year.

Protecting Your Business From A Cyber Attack

Protecting company computers and servers should be a top priority for small and large businesses. Data protection is also necessary to retain customer interest and operate a business to the latest regulatory standards.

This can be achieved by installing the right software and using secure hardware. The majority of cyber-security issues will start with a virus being planted on a system. It is essential that your anti-virus software is up to date.

Large and small companies will benefit from using the professional services we offer to plug any gaps or leaks in their security systems, keeping your business safe from threats in the long term.


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