Hybrid Work Solution and Support

Looking for remote and hybrid support? www.knowit.ie is here to help your business join the hybrid revolution.

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With the workforce returning to the office and wanting more flexibility in their life, it’s important to have technology that enables the hybrid worker to deliver every single time. We provide a range of technology solutions to enable hybrid and remote working. With our hybrid work solutions, you can work from the home and the office easily.

Our Hybrid Hardware

We can set up and support the provision of hardware to ensure that your team or lone worker can be productive and efficient in any environment.

A Secure Setup for Every Employee

Ensuring that every employee has access to their workload is crucial, in spite of external threats. We provide VPN services that allow safe passage between users and applications, allowing employees to stay productive and protected wherever they are working.

Defending Your Business Against Security Threats

Many security breaches target endpoint users, which requires a robust first line of defence at the DNS layer. Providing a sufficient layer of support for your employees ensures you can be safe in the knowledge that there is always adequate protection at the very lowest level.

Strong and secure

Focusing on security is pivotal. To ensure that your workforce can operate remotely or on a hybrid basis means ensuring that they feel connected and productive. We can help everyone feel connected and productive by removing anything that gets in the way of business success.

Based out of the Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin, Ireland, www.knowit.ie is here to enable your support, so you can join the hybrid working revolution without worry.

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